Livio Pompianu


Livio Pompianu

Research Unit Coordinator

Research Interests: Information Security, Cryptocurrency Frauds, Blockchain Analytics, Design Patterns for Smart Contracts, IoT

About Me

Livio Pompianu is an Assistant Professor (RTDa) at the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science of the University of Cagliari.

Livio started working as Research Fellow at the University of Cagliari during his MSc. Later, he continued his research activity in Cagliari, first as a PhD student (2014) and then as a post-doc (2018). In 2017 he was visiting PhD student at the University of Stirling (UK). He got his PhD in 2018 with a thesis entitled "Analysing blockchains and smart contracts: tools and techniques". Currently, he is a member of the research groups: Distributed Ledger Technology, Blockchain@Unica, and Trustworthy Computational Societies.

His research primarily focuses on information security, and more specifically, is related to the following fields:

  • Blockchain Analytics;
  • Design Patterns for Smart Contracts;
  • Cryptocurrency Frauds.


He is co-author of several scientific conference papers and journal articles in these research fields, with more than 300 citations.

He works as technical director and solution architect for research groups and companies, designing and developing software solutions (for instance, in the projects Score, Intellicredit).
Moreover, he is the author, developer, and maintainer of the open-source projects:

  • Cryptoscam Classifier - A Python tool to detect and classify blockchain frauds.
  • BlockAPI - A Scala library for the development of custom analytics on blockchains.


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